Monday, June 21, 2010

Pic of the Day:

Love the hair. Love her tan belt. Love that they look like they are mid-conversation, but both have their phones out.


Image thanks to Jak and Jil

The Wonderful World of Blogging...

A few months ago I discovered Google Reader.

It changed my life.

I used to have all my favourite blogs saved in my "Favourites" on my iPhone and it used to take ages to go through them all, not to mention any new ones I happened to click on.

So now I have them all saved and everyday I get to see all the wonderful new posts!

This morning I had over 400 new items, as I hadn't had a chance on Friday or over the weekend to read them...

It was quite fun today to go through them all, but I did notice that quite a few people blogged on exactly the same thing, the most note-able being an editorial featuring model-of-the moment Bambi, Sophia Coppolla's new movie trailer and the fabulous going-ons in Italy...

I suppose then that all 3 of those items are definitely hitting the spot with the right people...


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Today I Am...

- wearing my sister perfume, which is kinda funny... but it smells really yummy, so I may do it more often...!

- getting excited for dinner tonight with my ''sisters'' - two girls who I met through work who insist we are all the

- wearing my favourit-ist thrifted peach men's shirt. Today is a better day for this reason alone!

- happy that my boy is home from his boys weekend safe and sound.... You know what they say about absence!