Monday, May 31, 2010

Blog of the Moment...

Not quite sure how I stumbled across these lovely girls, but I am thoroughly enjoying all of their outfit posts...!

And their hair! Oh the hair...

Visit them now at saboskirt.blogspot


(Images and link thanks to the girls at saboskirt)

To Clog or not to Clog....

Image thanks to Sole Struck

Image thanks to Asos

I'm in brogue heaven....

My new Brogues - both from Urban Outfitters

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What I'm Doing at the Moment....

... checking out the Trilogy website (
and wanting to buy a full range of their products, as I LOVE their rosehip oil so much!

... waiting for my sister to get to work to see if she bought any surprises for breakfast...

... crossing my fingers that I get a parcel today... I am currently waiting on ASOS, Urban Outfitters and Amazon... How I love online shopping!

... trying not to online

... thoroughly enjoying The Dykeenies album my friend gave me to listen to.

... rockin' a Katies blouse I bought for about $7 from my favourite-ist op shop on the weekend...

Hope everyone has a fabulous Tuesday!


(absolutely LOVE the above picture... have seen it on a few blogs, so thanks so Kim over at Dream Delight Inspire who credited it as )

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

New Shoes Cure the Blues...

I actually own a JKC Bangle with this inscribed in it, and I have to admit it is very true!
Last Thurs, Miss R and I ventured over to DFO South Wharf for a Tony Bianco VIP Sale.
Seeing as our get-out-of-work time is approx 4pm, we decided to have a wander around the stores as the sale didn't start till 6pm.
Up first was an old favourite "Under the Table" - a clearance centre stocking clothing, shoes, underwear and accessories, specialising in one of my favourite brands, Barkins. Nothing really caught my eye so we ventured on. A quick browse in Forever New, with the both of us still empty handed, it was clear we were saving our pennies for the shoes!
Luckily, Tony Bianco was just around the corner, so we decided to pop in and earmark which shoes we wanted,then wait till 6pm to claim our 30% off.
Lo and behold, a sign in the store window proclaimed "30% off -one day only".
We couldn't believe it! Lucky us for heading over early!
I quickly found my size section, while Miss R scampered over to hers. I quickly had a pair on and a few in my arms, so I went over to her to workshop my choices.
She too had a small pile at her feet, posing this way and that in front of a mirror.
The sales assistants were very helpful, even after we requested a number of different shoes in various sizes!
I finally decided on a pair of round toed grey suede wedges, and round toed patent black pumps. I thought both would be great and extremely practical for work and at 30%, were a bargain!
After paying for my purchases, and waiting for Miss R, about 6 young girls - head to toe in black, bright eyed and bushy tailed, strolled in and reported to the counter.
These were the girls enlisted to help the masses come VIP time. My friend and I grinned at each other - very pleased with our heels and rapt that we had beaten the crowds!
We also agreed that the thought of new shoes for work would definitely make the next few day (and outfits!) alot more fun!

Links for some online shopping fun:

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Today's outfit is bought to you by....

Ummm, not sure really! Possibly the weather!
I think its about 11 degrees in Melbourne at the moment, hoping to reach a top of 14... The next few days aren't looking any better, so I ironed my fav shirt and hoped for the best!

Shoes: Grey lace up booties, Laurent Shoes, birthday present plus grey socks from K-Mart.
Bottoms: Navy high-waisted pants from my favourit-ist op shop! (Well, one of my mum's favourite's really, I have just adopted it!)
Tops: Peachy coloured men's shirt, another awesome find from my favourite-ist op shop plus a long grey cardi from Supre.
Jewellery: Assorted pearls from assorted chain stores.

Icing on the cake would have to be my bright, glossy Tutti-Fruitti nails, courtesy of Sportsgirl!


p.s I don't have a totally awesome camera, so apologies for not posting actually pics! I may dig out my digital camera and start using that and there is always my iphone if I am desperate to show you something fabulous!

And so it begins...

Hi All!

I have been thinking about starting a blog for a little while now... I come across so many incredible blogs/sites, and it's so great that you are all sharing the things that you are passionate about, and that people are reading and responding to it!

I am hoping this can be a place where I can jot down bits and pieces about me and my life, about the things I love and opinions I have and would like to share...

If you are wondering about the title of the blog, well, I wanted it to be all encompassing... I didn't want to give it a fashion-y or style-y name, because I didn't want to constantly measure up to something... This way it can be a lil more random, or so I hope!

Now, I have never done this before so I am not 100% on all the rules and regulations... I'm pretty sure I have to link back any images/wording I get from anywhere else, but if I'm doing something else wrong, please someone tell me!

And so it begins...