Friday, December 31, 2010

Friday, December 24, 2010

spend or save...?

Tony Bianco - Bluebird - $159.95


Tony Bianco - Charity - $59.95

The first pair remind me of some Topshop ones I wanted last winter... and the second are just too practical not to buy! Oh, apart from the fact I already own about 4 pairs of tan heels....


Whatever is a girl to do...?!


Pics thanks to Tony Bianco

An Education...

I couldn't get back to sleep this morning, so I got up and watched "An Education".

Definitely one of my favourite movies now. It was so so lovely.

Carey Mulligan is just gorgeous.

Do yourself a favour and go see it. Immediately. If not sooner.


Pics from IMDB and Google Images

Happy 100 Posts to me...!!!


100 posts!

I can't believe it!

When I started this blog, I had no idea where it was going and what it would be... But with this being my 100th post, I would have to say I am quite pleased with myself...!

It is my own little corner of the world where I can go to post pictures of things I like, want or simply have to have!!

I think I have 2 followers (Hi guys! Thank you!) and only 1 friend of mine knows about it, but that is ok with me!

Not entirely sure I want to share my little corner just yet...


ps. Merry Christmas Eve!! Cannot wait for yummy dinner and some sparkling tonite...!!

All pics from

Beauty Lovin'...

Just a super quick post on the beauty products I'm loving at the moment...
Revlon Fantasy Lengths - False Eyelashes:
I am saving these babies for Christmas Day lunch tomorrow (or maybe Christmas Eve dinner tonight if I can't wait!)
I have heard great things about them here and even read that Olivia Palermo loves them!
Hoping that they come through with the goods - I love a great fake eyelash!!
Nivea Visage - Tinted Moisturising Day Cream:
I am absolutely loving this at the moment!! I purchased it a little while ago after running out of my Olay tinted cream and not wanting to pay $20+ for a new bottle... I am sure this bottle was under $10 and it is great!
I love the colour, the texture and especially the finish! It gives great coverage and I have even gone from wearing it on my "whatever" days to pretty much everyday!
Organic Care - Colour Shield Shampoo + Conditioner:
After discussing the pro's and con's of oily and dry hair, the oh-so-fabulous Miss I recommended I try this. She thinks it's hilarious how much I love dry shampoo and hate washing my hair. I tried to explain to her that as someone with oily(er) hair, it takes so much effort to wash twice, condition, dry and style, to then have it turn "dirty" the very next day!
I picked this up the very next time I was at the supermarket and have used it twice already...
This range contains no sles, sls, als, ales, parabens or petrochemicals cleansers and comes in a bio-friendly bottle... Now all that basically means is there are no baddies in here, all super amazing ingredients to make my hair SO so clean and awesome!

I definitely recommend this if you love that squeaky clean feel- my Day 2 hair didn't even need dry shampoo! Now THAT is amazing!

All pics from Google Images


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

khaki nails...

FINALLY found the Australis khaki coloured nail polish!

Not a huge fan of the khaki clothing trend, but really like it on my nails!

i don't ever want to grow up...

Loving Alexa's Peter Pan collar...

Picture thanks to Fashionising...


Monday, December 20, 2010

Friday, December 17, 2010

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

new wrist wear love...

While flipping through some Shop Til You Drop magazines this morning, I came across a full page ad for these awesome looking, Hermes-style cuffs...

Jumping onto the website, I found out they came in 3 different sizes, basically to do with the width of the cuff...

I'm not a fan of the thickest one (called"Orsini") but I LOVE the mid sized one as well as the skinny one:

Apologies for the small photos above, they are just to show the Beige colour I have decided would work best with what I tend to wear...

At only $149.95 and $129.95 ,these babies are a steal, considering they are made from stainless steel and Italian leather!

There are no Victoria stockists at the moment, but you can buy them on their website right

Do you love them like I do...?
Which colour would you choose...?


Thanks to Dimacci website for the photos...

new nail polish love...

LOVING these taupe-y, grey, kinda nude nail polishes...

Essie - Jazz
Essie - Demure Vixen
OPI - Tickle My Franc-y

(My gf Miss I also has a similar colour, Revlon Grey Suede, which looks oh-so-lovely on her...)

Thought Iwould hop onto eBay to see if I could find any at a cheaper rate...
Guess what...?! I did!

Just checked out with OPI Tickle My Franc-y and also this:
Essie - Great Expectations - described as the "lightest, softest, sheerest grey with a subtle hint of glimmer that is so this season! This Essie Nail Polish is a stunning shade of grey"

Hurry up Mr Postman!


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Music Love...

So I have just realised that I'm not really living up to the name of my blog, as I hardly ever seem to write about music or reading, just fashion, fashion and more fashion, with a touch of beauty thrown in...

But I have to say, I do love my music!

Always have!

My earliest music memories include my mum listening to Phil Collins whilst vacuuming the house, dancing around to "The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance" by Gene Pitney and trying to get my head around the fact that Tracey Chapman was a lady...

I did the whole boy band thing, with posters of Backstreet Boys and Hanson adorning my walls, then became obsessed with Alanis when Jagged Little Pill came out...

Through my going out years, I listened to everything from r'n'b to hip hop, house to trance and the good old commerical pop anthems which were played in some form, no matter where you went!

Yes, I was one of those girls screaming "this is MY song!!" whenever My My My by Armand Van Helden came on... Or Four to The Floor by Starsailor... or Return of the Mack by Mark Morrison...

Over the last few years though, my music tastes have definitely changed. I hardly ever listen to the radio, and when I do, I don't know and often don't like many of the songs. I hate most of the dance-y remixed tracks and can't stand that voice-box thingy most "R&B" singers are using at the moment. Yes, I am one of those people who now say " they don't make songs like they used to!"

Friends have introduced me to new bands. Random CD's in my boyfriends car led me to some of the most amazing songs I have ever heard. Listening to Triple J and You Tube-ing artists, I have stumbled across music that makes me smile. I love old music - for the stories and that true rock vibe that comes with it. Music in movies. Live DVD's.

I have to admit, I do like a few of the more "commercial" bands out there - The Script, OneRepublic... But I like them for their current and past albums, not just the #1 being played 3 times an hour on the radio.

Some of my absolute favs at the moment include:

Kings of Leon - will be amazing live!

Bon Iver

Jeff Buckley - so sad...

Temper Trap - go the Aussie talent!

N.E.R.D and Pharrell Williams - did you know Pharrell produced the original music for "Despicable Me?"including the great theme music? FUNNY movie!

David Gray

Angus and Julia Stone - please don't judge them by their appearance at the Aria's!



Miike Snow - appearing at Good Vibes 2011! Can't wait!

Local Natives - cannot wait to see them in January 2011

Aloe Blacc - ditto!

The Killers - awesome live at Good Vibes 2010!

The Rolling Stones

Florence + The Machine - seeing them live in August was INCREDIBLE!!


on my christmas list...

For three days last week, I helped out at the first ever camilla + marc warehouse here in Melbourne...

All the girls I met from the Sydney head office were super lovely, as were the many girls who passed through "my"changeroom!

One of the c+m girls bought with her this DI-VINE Diptyque Candle... Now, I have heard lots about them but couldn't bear to spend $100 on a candle... Nor knew of anyone else who would!

After sniffing the amazing scent of Baies, which is described as "A bouquet of roses and blackcurrent leaves...", I am hoping Santa pulls out the big guns and detours past Mecca on the way to my house...


Thank you to Mecca Cosmetics for the picture and description

loving the top knot again...

...have totally mastered the perfect messy look too...


Pictures from all over Google Images

on my christmas list...

Apologies for the super teeny pictures...

Amazing "Scholar Loafers" available here and here on Topshop...


Monday, December 13, 2010

checked out!


Cannot WAIT to get it...

Thanks so much to They All Hate Us and General Pants online store...


super cute...!!

I have been a fan of Anjelica over at Mode Junkie for quite a while now...

How super cute does she look in her new Lanvin x H&M dress...?!


oh my.

I am usually not a fan of Louis Vitton, but I am loving the hints of pinks in these pictures from the Cruise 2011 Lookbook...!!

Click here to see more on Fashionising..