Thursday, October 28, 2010

...meeting Maggie Alderson...!!

Last night saw Miss S and I head out to Readings in Hawthorn to meet the lovely Maggie Alderson.

Maggie has written 6 brilliant books, as well as worked on magazines and also has a great column every Sunday in The Age.

Her latest offering, Shall We Dance, has just been released and is set in a vintage store. I have just started reading it and to say I already love it is an understatement!

Maggie invited all of us to bring along any vintage treasures we had, and to have a chat about them. We unfortunatley missed this message, but throughly enjoyed hearing about all the other ladies who bought their goodies along!

Miss S and I joked that it would have been nice to hear her read a section from her new book,
a-la Carrie Bradshaw, but clearly we watch too much Sex and the City...!!

Thanks to Miss S for the lovely picture of Maggie and I:
(Doesn't she look extremely happy to be standing next to me...?!)

My signed book:
You can read Maggie's blog here

You can buy Maggie's books from Borders here


Obsessed much...?!

So was going through all the photos of my iPhone and it appears I have a bit of a "thing" for taking photos of my nails whenever I paint them...

Sportsgirl "Tutti Fruit" and can't remember...

Revlon "Minted"

OPI "Rumple's Wiggin"

OPI "Over The Taupe"
Sportsgirl "Caramel"

Pretty huh...?!


Monday, October 25, 2010

Dinner Guests....

Flipping through my copy of Interview on the weekend, I re-read the articles on dinner guests... It's that age-old question - if you could invite anyone to dinner; living, dead or celebrity, who would it be?

I asked my dinner guests that night, and we had a giggle and a chat over who we would invite...

Here is who I would have:

My boyf
So I could have someone normal to talk to and say "oh my god can you believe who we have over for dinner?!?"
Tim Burton
I recently visited his exhibition in Melbourne and was just AMAZED at how creative and talented he is!
Otis Redding or Al Green (couldn't decide!)
So they could sing to us... I'm sure they would also have wonderful stories from the era in which they lived.
Anna Wintour and Anna Della Russo
First I need to check if they are they would add a fabulous fashion element to my dinner I think!
Adam Hills
I adore Spics & Specs and just love how interactive he is with his guests every week.
Blake Lively
Because I think she is beautiful, I would love to hear all about the filming of Gossip Girl and then the Anna's would have someone else to chat to...

I think this is a great question to ask your dinner guests, or anyone really, when you are feeling a lil bored...


Friday, October 22, 2010 shoe story...

She scans the shelves. Once. Twice. Strokes a few old friends, smiles at their shiny neighbors. She keeps walking, hand trailing over tough boots, strappy sandals and practical flats. She’s looking for something else. Something… amazing. Sighing, she turns. Stops. Gasps. Making sure she’s not drawing an unwanted attention, she slowly walks over. Picks it up. It’s more fabulous up close and personal, if that’s at all possible. A sales attendant senses her, comes over and guides her to a seat. A small nod and a whispered size is all she can manage. She puts down her handbag and gently removes her much loved but oft worn trusty heels. Breathes in, then out. The attendant is back. She gently opens the lid, and then removes the soft tissue paper. First the left, then right shoe, placed carefully on the seat next to her. She moves away, giving her space and time. She picks up the shoes and slowly slips it on. Perfect. She flexes her foot and beams. The other foot is next, that too a perfect fit. She suppresses a giggle, puts her hands on her knees and gazes down. She gets to her feet and walks to the mirror. Her cheeks are flushed, her hair a touch fly away. She looks at her reflection, down at the shoes adorning her feet. These are it. Exactly what she didn’t know she needed and just has to have. She stands in front of the mirror for a little while longer, savoring this moment. She walks back to her seat and sits down, slipping off the shoes. The sales attendant comes back over, a satisfied smile on her face. This is what makes her job worthwhile, what she waits for each day. She brings them over to the counter, ensuring the tissue paper is once again wrapped around the shoes, the box closed properly. The transaction is completed and the box is slipped into a beautiful big bag, the ribbon handles placed in her hands. She thanks the assistant with a smile, and with the new shoes now officially hers, leaves the store.

Another satisfied customer, thinks the attendant. She smoothes down her skirt, and turns her attention back to the store, searching for the next girl whose wish she can grant.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Public Announcement...

Looking back over my blog posts of late, I can see that I have just been posting pics and my random thoughts on them.... I would love love to post more original content, but as I don't have the Internet at home at the moment, all blogging is sneakily done at work!

I do have a list of bits & pieces I would like to write up, as well as some reviews of some fab books I have read lately, so hopefully I can find some time to get to work on them, so my blog can actually live up to it's title...

Thank you for listening!