Friday, August 20, 2010

...changing it up...!

This week I have changed my moisturiser, starting using a mascara I forgot I had and have been using a bit of pink illuminator under my eyes...Sometimes just a little change can make a world of difference! I feel like I have a whole new "look" - whether it be the fact that I'm not reaching for the same products each morning, or the fact that I think I look a bit different (and hopefully better!) without doing anything too drastic.

Some other ideas can be a brighter lip colour, brown/grey eyeliner instead of black (which can sometimes be a bit harsh) or a touch of blush over your bronzer.

Have you done anything differently this week...? Would you next week...?

1. ModelCo Fiber Lash Mascara from Modelco
2. Guerlain 'Cherry Blossom Blush Éclat' Compact from Nordstrom

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