Monday, October 25, 2010

Dinner Guests....

Flipping through my copy of Interview on the weekend, I re-read the articles on dinner guests... It's that age-old question - if you could invite anyone to dinner; living, dead or celebrity, who would it be?

I asked my dinner guests that night, and we had a giggle and a chat over who we would invite...

Here is who I would have:

My boyf
So I could have someone normal to talk to and say "oh my god can you believe who we have over for dinner?!?"
Tim Burton
I recently visited his exhibition in Melbourne and was just AMAZED at how creative and talented he is!
Otis Redding or Al Green (couldn't decide!)
So they could sing to us... I'm sure they would also have wonderful stories from the era in which they lived.
Anna Wintour and Anna Della Russo
First I need to check if they are they would add a fabulous fashion element to my dinner I think!
Adam Hills
I adore Spics & Specs and just love how interactive he is with his guests every week.
Blake Lively
Because I think she is beautiful, I would love to hear all about the filming of Gossip Girl and then the Anna's would have someone else to chat to...

I think this is a great question to ask your dinner guests, or anyone really, when you are feeling a lil bored...


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