Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What I Am...

My fabulous new green and grey printed "staple " cape... white supre single... taupe-y runched country road shoes...

About whether or not to take my makeup off before I go to bed... That I really really feel like a cup of tea and some chocolate but really should go and take my makeup off and go to bed...

Hmmm, not sure...

That I have a wonderful sleep in tomorrow...

I attended Fashion Journal's 100th Issue Birthday Party today, as a plus-one of the wonderful Miss S, and had a great time! Free vodka cocktails, ice-cream and getting to meet some of my Twitter "friends", plus getting dressed up, made for a fun mid-week adventure!

Looking forward to:
Seeing one of my bestest friends tomorrow and her adorable little boy as well as working at the Fleur Wood Warehouse Sale on Friday!
(see my post below for details...)

Lusting over:
Every maxi skirt I come across, as well as flat ankle boots for summer.
Am very very happy to already own a few of both, but i'm sure it won't stop there...!!


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