Friday, December 24, 2010

Beauty Lovin'...

Just a super quick post on the beauty products I'm loving at the moment...
Revlon Fantasy Lengths - False Eyelashes:
I am saving these babies for Christmas Day lunch tomorrow (or maybe Christmas Eve dinner tonight if I can't wait!)
I have heard great things about them here and even read that Olivia Palermo loves them!
Hoping that they come through with the goods - I love a great fake eyelash!!
Nivea Visage - Tinted Moisturising Day Cream:
I am absolutely loving this at the moment!! I purchased it a little while ago after running out of my Olay tinted cream and not wanting to pay $20+ for a new bottle... I am sure this bottle was under $10 and it is great!
I love the colour, the texture and especially the finish! It gives great coverage and I have even gone from wearing it on my "whatever" days to pretty much everyday!
Organic Care - Colour Shield Shampoo + Conditioner:
After discussing the pro's and con's of oily and dry hair, the oh-so-fabulous Miss I recommended I try this. She thinks it's hilarious how much I love dry shampoo and hate washing my hair. I tried to explain to her that as someone with oily(er) hair, it takes so much effort to wash twice, condition, dry and style, to then have it turn "dirty" the very next day!
I picked this up the very next time I was at the supermarket and have used it twice already...
This range contains no sles, sls, als, ales, parabens or petrochemicals cleansers and comes in a bio-friendly bottle... Now all that basically means is there are no baddies in here, all super amazing ingredients to make my hair SO so clean and awesome!

I definitely recommend this if you love that squeaky clean feel- my Day 2 hair didn't even need dry shampoo! Now THAT is amazing!

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