Wednesday, January 5, 2011

...come on skinny love...

Bon Iver would have to be one of my favourite bands...

I stumbled across "Skinny Love", which is probably their biggest hit, while listening to a random cd left in my boyfriends car by one of his friends...

Justin Vernon is the lead vocalist and is voice is just...Magic. Hypnotic.Beautiful.

I loved reading up on him and discovering he wrote their debut album in a cabin in the middle of nowhere...

Since then, I have downloaded said album and absolutely any other song they had anything to do with, which sadly, wasn't much.

Until now.

Bon Iver contributed to an amazing song on the "New Moon" soundtrack, called "Roslyn" and also features on two songs on Kayne West's new album "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy" - "Monster" and " Lost in the World"


THEN my favourite-ist beauty lady in the world , one Ms Zoe Foster, tweeted yesterday about another band Justin is involved with!!!

The band is called Volcano Choir. The album "Unmap".



Thank you, once again, to Google Images, for the pretty picture

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