Friday, April 8, 2011's been a while between drinks...!

...too long in fact! Over a month! Looking back at my number of posts per month, you can definitely tell when I have been busy and when I have been free as a bird! The period from Novemeber to mid Feburary saw me jobless, and I sure did use my time wisely by blogging as much as I could! These days, having settled into my new EA role, I have less time at home and even less time in front of a computer doing what I love.. searing the wonderful world-wide web for pictures of maxi skirts, nail polish, shoes and other fabulous inspiration... I mentioned to the wonderful Miss I that I am currently blogging in my mind - thinking of posts that would be perfect if only you could read my mind...! Hoping to have some time this weekend to share some of my current inspirations, backlog of new polish purchases and cute lil quotes... .. 'Till then.... xx

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