Wednesday, May 18, 2011 nails...!

... last night on Twitter I asked everyone for some suggestions on what colour I could paint my nails... Having close to 100 different polishes is sometimes not the greatest thing as I can never decide!

Lovely Miss M snapped a pic of her green nails for me and also mentioned I should check out the new OPI grey - Skull and Glossbones - which is part of the Pirates of the Carribean collection...


A quick Google search and I had stumled across some of THE most amazing colours I have seen in a while! How on earth had I not looked these up earlier...?!

See my excitment in photos below...

I have ordered "Stranger Tides" and "Skull & Glossbones" but am seriously thinking about also ordering the prettiest pink I have ever seen in "Steady As She Rose" Just gorgeous!

Will definitely post some pictures when they arrive!


All pictures thank to Beauty Junkies Unite

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