Sunday, October 30, 2011

Nuffnang Competition: Join Sarah Jessica Parker at the I Don’t Know How She Does It Australian Premier!!!

My gorgeous friend Miss S alerted me to this fab competition that I JUST had to enter! You can read all about it HERE.... Basically I had to write about what outfit one would wear if they were to attend SJP's latest film premiere "I Don't Know How She Does It" . Now when I first saw the preview, I think I screamed, as I love the book and definitely love Sarah Jessica Parker! Fingers crossed my entry is one of the lucky ones chosen...!!

What outfit you’d wear to meet SJP and why!

I have turned to Polyvore to help me pick an outfit for the Melbourne Premier of “I Don’t Know How She Does It”. Option 1 is my dream outfit – YSL, Mui Mui and Preen- surely that would be acceptable both for the red carpet and for the well heeled fashion icon!

Option 2 is made up of items (or similar) I own, and would happily wear if I was lucky enough to be chosen to attend this fabulous event!

For both outfits, I have picked the shoes first and worked up, something I do quite often and also something I’m sure SJP’s alter ego, Carrie Bradshaw is all too familiar with! Fabulous shoes and accessories make an outfit in my opinion, and are often more fun to choose or throw on when you are walking out the door.

For both options, I have mixed brights with great basics and fabulous accessories. Colour blocking is a huge trend at the moment and something that most of can shop of own wardrobes for. Mixing blues with greens, pinks with oranges and everything in between! For those you a little less brave, there are countless eye popping nail polishes, rings, bangles and clutches that can brighten anyones’ outfit!

So, to summarize, I would wear a fabulous outfit of brights, my favourite shoes and some accessories to tie it all together!

SJP - Premier Outfit - option one...

SJP - Premier Outfit - option two...

How do you manage to juggle your life while still looking amazing and the funny side of it all!

The key to look amazing at all times is to use every moment you have! When you are falling asleep at night, start thinking about what is clean and ironed and what you can wear tomorrow. Think about if you have any important meetings (there goes the slightly low cut pink shirt option), lunch dates (walking-friendly shoes) or after work events (pack the bronzer and a smaller clutch). When you hit snooze in the morning, try to remember the last time you washed your hair and if you can’t, if you still have some dry shampoo left. Listen for rain and pray that you didn’t leave your umbrella on the train. When you eventually get up, go through your outfit and where all the bits and pieces are while you are in the shower, or putting your makeup on. Throw all your accessories for the day in a makeup bag in your handbag and put them on while you are on the train or waiting for the cute coffee guy to make your coffee. But if all that fails (and we all know it does!) reach for that fail safe outfit – that outfit that can work all year round and never goes out of style , that looks great and most of all, makes you feel fabulous!


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