Sunday, November 27, 2011

...curse of the glossies...

... anyone who anything about me would definitely tell you I tend to be slightly obsessed with fashion magazines... while I do have my favourites - Vogue Australia, Shop Till You Drop, Industrie - I am drawn to new, glossy covers and will often purchase quite a few more, depending on the cover star and the headlines...

This month (December), I picked up Marie Claire , which I never buy, just to read the article about SPJ!

I used to subcribe to InStyle, but felt I needed to cut back... Still a FABULOUS magazine, and this month is no exception with the gorgeous SJP gracing yet another cover...

...I am proud to say I own every single copy of Shop Till You Drop and it remains my favourite for the fact that it is all about shopping - high end, low end and everything in between! Plenty of shoes, bags & dresses plus hair and beauty info, a great lifestyle section and not too many articles! Not a fan of the cover, but, oh well...

... I am also a huge fan of Madison as it has the perfect mix of fashion, shopping and beauty as well as great music/books/movies reviews, celeb and real life stories... This month, I couldn't go pass the gorgeous cover AND the bonus Butter London polish...!

...Vogue Australia is the other title I subscribe to and the perfect read for all fashion lovers out there... Beautiful pictures, relevant articles, gorgeous models and the best of the best of high end shoes, bags and dresses a girl could wish for! This month was slightly hit and miss ( I felt) as I flicked through way too many pages of advertising, average gift ideas and more advertising before I got to the stunning editorials at the back... Not my first choice for a December cover star, Isabel Lucas sure does look amazing!

...Even though the bonus cards and pretty cover tempted me, I managed to hold back on this month's Bazaar... With the winner of the lastest ANTM on the cover, it nearly got me, but I thinking Miss S can send her's over for me to have a flick through... (hint hint)

...adore this cover of W magazine - the gorgeous Fanning girls also made an appearance in Vogue Australia's October issue, so I got my fix then...!

...hoping to pick up this special edition of US Vogue next week ! LOVE the cover stars - Mary Kate & Ashley and looks like it should be a fab issue!


Pictures thanks to Sassi Sam and Sandi in the City

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