Friday, December 2, 2011

... snap, crackle, pop...!!

... first published on Primped here...

This week, I was lucky enough to review Sally Hansen’s new “Crackle Top Coat”!

To my great surprise, I was sent a gorgeous base colour in “Sonic Boom” which made a perfect base for my crackle colour “Vintage Violet”! Both colours come in a great sized bottle, with the crackle effect even on the lid, so there is no chance of mistaking it for a regular nail colour. “Sonic Boom” went on like a dream – with a thick brush I only needed one swipe AND one coat to cover my nails! The polish is most definitely “Insta-Dry”, as by the time I finished the pinkie on my right hand, the left was dry! I was even tempted to leave the strong, bold, hot pink on its own, as it is such a fab colour!

In comparison, the “Vintage Violet” brush had nothing on “Sonic Boom”! At about half the size, it was ok for my pinkie, but for the other nails I needed 2 or 3 swipes. After trying a light coat on my ring finger and then a thicker coat on my middle finger, I decided a thicker coat gave a better effect. The crackle coat also dried quickly and I made sure to use a top coat to seal in the colour and the effect. Both colours wore really well, as well as can be expected for me at least – typing, filing and housework don’t leave them looking all that amazing at the end of the week!

Overall, I was thrilled with both products and will definitely looking at other colours in this range! I love all the new and fun nail effects out and about at the moment – crackle, colour blocking, newspaper nails and more! So great to see a wide range of colours – for a while all we saw was black & silver. I would definitely recommend this to all nail polish lovers and give them a rating of 5 out of 5 – up there with OPI and China Glaze!

Thank you to Primped and Sally Hansen for the chance to review! taken by me using Instagram...


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