Thursday, January 26, 2012

... the mad 50's...

"Galliano may be gone but Dior’s latest Haute Couture collection isn’t short on the kind of vintage elegance he was famous for. This time, though, the collection is far less dramatic, far less theatrical, than something Galliano might have dreamed up. Couture it may be, but it could near pass for Ready To Wear"

"Dior’s Haute Couture spring 2012 collection mashed together vintage silhouettes and sultry sheerfabrics. With faux-bobbed hair and soft retro eyeshadow, the models swanned the runway as if clones of Mad Men‘s Betty Draper: a little cold, a little sexy, every bit the epitome of untouchable elegance"

...just gorgeous...


Photos and words thanks to Fashionising

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