Sunday, June 17, 2012


"Sugar Coated Necklace" from Anthropologie

Neon Yellow and Pink Rhinestone necklace from Marika King on Etsy

"The Pretty Shiny Sparkly Necklace" from Spike the Punch
... these gorgeous coloured rhinestone necklaces are everywhere at the moment and I just cannot make up my mind which colour/design I want, or how much I'm willing to spend on this latest trend...

... so I thought I would have a hunt on ebay for a cheap n nasty plain necklace, and jazz it up a little! I have been reading up on DIY's and I think my options are spraypaint ( as per "A Pair and A Spare's" neon yellow one below) or nail polish...

...Wish me luck and I cant wait to share the finished product...!


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