Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Today's outfit is bought to you by....

Ummm, not sure really! Possibly the weather!
I think its about 11 degrees in Melbourne at the moment, hoping to reach a top of 14... The next few days aren't looking any better, so I ironed my fav shirt and hoped for the best!

Shoes: Grey lace up booties, Laurent Shoes, birthday present plus grey socks from K-Mart.
Bottoms: Navy high-waisted pants from my favourit-ist op shop! (Well, one of my mum's favourite's really, I have just adopted it!)
Tops: Peachy coloured men's shirt, another awesome find from my favourite-ist op shop plus a long grey cardi from Supre.
Jewellery: Assorted pearls from assorted chain stores.

Icing on the cake would have to be my bright, glossy Tutti-Fruitti nails, courtesy of Sportsgirl!


p.s I don't have a totally awesome camera, so apologies for not posting actually pics! I may dig out my digital camera and start using that and there is always my iphone if I am desperate to show you something fabulous!

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