Thursday, October 28, 2010

...meeting Maggie Alderson...!!

Last night saw Miss S and I head out to Readings in Hawthorn to meet the lovely Maggie Alderson.

Maggie has written 6 brilliant books, as well as worked on magazines and also has a great column every Sunday in The Age.

Her latest offering, Shall We Dance, has just been released and is set in a vintage store. I have just started reading it and to say I already love it is an understatement!

Maggie invited all of us to bring along any vintage treasures we had, and to have a chat about them. We unfortunatley missed this message, but throughly enjoyed hearing about all the other ladies who bought their goodies along!

Miss S and I joked that it would have been nice to hear her read a section from her new book,
a-la Carrie Bradshaw, but clearly we watch too much Sex and the City...!!

Thanks to Miss S for the lovely picture of Maggie and I:
(Doesn't she look extremely happy to be standing next to me...?!)

My signed book:
You can read Maggie's blog here

You can buy Maggie's books from Borders here


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