Monday, November 8, 2010

The Last Time I...

So I "borrowed" this idea from Mia over at Mamamia - she asked the oh-so-wonderful Zoe Foster these questions in a video chat...
So here goes...

Was jealous:
I would really like to say I'm not usually a jealous person, but maybe hearing about a friends already-paid-off holiday for March next year turned me a lil green...

Watching "Life As We Know It" at the cinemas with my mum two weeks ago...I think... If so, that is a lonnng time for me between tears!

Was Drunk:
Saturday night. Definitely.

Over Spent:
Today. Bought a beautiful ring from Etsy. Even though it was only $25, I currently have a negative monetary figure against my name and really shouldn't be buying ANYTHING!

Was Inspired:
As corny as it sounds, ever since I have left my 9-to-5 office job to search for my dream job, every day I am inspired. So many articles seem to jump out at me, people's success stories leave me smiling instead of frowning, everything has a hidden meaning....I love it!

Watched the sunrise:
I use to start work at 7am, so quite often the sun would be rising as I got ready for or was leaving for the day. So in answer, probably not for a long time!
As I type this, I vow to watch the sunrise at least twice before the end of the year...

Made a huge mistake or did something I regret:
Nothing really springs to mind here. I think all my decisions in the last 2 years or so have been good ones, and probably the only things I regret have to do with shopping and spending too much!

Listened to my gut:
The day I decided to leave my job without having another one to go to.
Best decision ever!

Fell in love:
Does a shopping purchase count? lol...If so , then my beautiful Etsy ring I purchased today as well as the 2 gorgeous Staple the Label capes I purchased last week... Most definitely love!

If shopping purchases don't count, then does "falling in love" with new girlfriends?
Have made some truly truly amazing friendships in the last 10 months or so, these lovely ladies make me smile each and every day...
And if they don't count, then the last ( and only...) time I have fallen in love was with my beautiful man, 5 and a half years ago...

Cue "awwwww"...!!


Pic of my beautiful new ring...Cannot wait for it to arrive!
ps. this is not my


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