Monday, October 31, 2011

...product of the minute...

After reading the one and only Ms Zoe Foster's blog back way back when (September 2009 to be exact...) about the amazement that is Aveda Pure Abundance Hair Potion, I rushed out immediately and spent what was, for me, a small fortune on a hair product. But it was well well worth it, as 2 years on and my bottle is only just running out.

Using this product is indeed a strange experience, as what comes out as a fine white powder, turns into a white wet gel-like substance once sprinkled in your roots. A product I had only dreamed about - a product that gives you that amazing bed hair, that rock n'roll mussed up look, that look like you haven't tried at all!

Yes, it's truly amazing!

And what is even more amazing is that our friends over at Schwarzkopf have created what I believe is an identical product!
I give you: Instant Volume Powder!

At only$8.99 a bottle, it is an absolute steal and an absolute must have for all you fine haired gals out there! Buy one for your house, one for his house, one for your desk, one for your girlfriend... You get my drift, hop to it!


Pic thanks to Stuff That I Bought - check out her awesome review while you're there!

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