Saturday, November 12, 2011

...fabulous forever new sale...

Whilst bored at work one day last week, I decided to check up on one of my fav online stores, Forever New. I think the brand has done an AMAZING job with this site - the layout is clean, crisp, easy to read and navigate, pictures are great and they always seem to have SO much in their "Sale" section!

...after spotting a few gorgeous pieces, I sent a text to Miss I telling her to check it out... Mere minutes had passed when I got an email back with a screen shot of her order confirmation! (ok, I exaggerate, it was later that night, but still...!!) funniest thing was, I had picked out all but one item she had ordered!

...check out a few of my favourite picks above,then get your self to a computer STAT!
(Sale link here)


All pictures thanks to Forever New

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